By utilising the Kaznetic Private Hosted Cloud you will be able to receive the benefits of purchasing server hardware without the associated capital expense.

The Kaznetic Cloud provides virtual desktops that can be accessed from anywhere remotely (office, home,etc).

The Kaznetic Cloud solution gives your business the benefits of the cloud without the risk. There is no need have server hardware on your site, saving you on excessive space and power requirements.

The virtual desktop is hosted, run, delivered and supported from a central location. Your information is stored locally at a secure Australian site, not off shore, ensuring your data is protected by Australian privacy laws.

The benefits of the Kaznetic hosted cloud are:

  • Fixed, known monthly IT costs
  • Corporate technology data centralisation
  • Reliable back-up and disaster recovery
  • Cost savings on power and office space
  • Fully managed infrastructure backed by 24x7x365 expertise
  • All our infrastructure features redundant power supplies
  • Consistent and reliable IT performance
  • Gives you flexibility and scalability – no infrastructure constraints
  • Unlimited* I.T. Help Desk

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