Do you need a security system that does more than simply sound an alarm?

CCTV Solutions

A CCTV solution can record and store video of any suspicious activity that occurs on or in your property. This gives you a method of keeping a high definition eye on your premises at all times, both as a deterrent and as a way of capturing any criminal or malicious activity.

We can design, supply and install high resolution CCTV video surveillance systems to suit your requirements. Suitable for commercial property, retail shops and households, our CCTV video surveillance security systems will ensure your premises are monitored to identify intruders and keep them at bay.

Benefits of Kaznetic CCTV solutions:

  • Enterprise performance
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Centrally managed by Kaznetic
  • Optimal performance and reliability

Access Control

Whether for single point of entry or multiple entry points on a premises, ensure you have the right type of access control installed in your building to protect your personnel and property from unwanted visitors or intruders. Effective access control is about giving you ownership and accountability over who enters or accesses various areas of your premises.

Benefits of Kaznetic Access Control solutions:

  • Authorisation and identification procedures and credentials
  • Tracking and accountability of entry and exit
  • Convenient assignment and suspension of access cards, keys or tokens

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